includes 2 sides and order minimum

priced per person

Pulled Pork

We offer several styles of pulled pork including classic southern style BBQ, Asian and Jamaican Jerk.  Let us slow cook some up for your next gathering . 10.5

Honey mustard Pork Loin or tenderloin

Sausage and Peppers
A staple dish that has grilled sausage with slow cooked onions peppers and tomatoes. $7.5

Rosemary Pork Tenderloin
Grilled Rosemary and garlic crusted pork tenderloin with tomato butter sauce. $11

Whole Roasted Pig-  mkt price

 Pasta sides

Mac and Cheese                                                           $25
Parmesan Orzo pasta                                                $20

 Vegetable sides

Garlic Spinach                                                              $20
Roasted broccoli & cauliflower                             $25
Green beans                                                                  $20
Roasted corn and peppers                                      $20
Corn Cobs                                                                      $20
Roasted squash and peppers                                  $25
Refried Beans                                                               $15
Black beans                                                                    $20
Borracho beans                                                            $20​

Pasta & Entrée  Menus.


 price per person with the addition of 2 side items

 minimum order of  10

discounts available for large quantity order

Chicken Caprese seared 6 oz chicken breast topped with roasted tomato, and fresh mozzarella finished with fresh basil and balsamic reduction.  $12

Chicken Picatta - Italian classic included seared chicken breast in a caper and lemon white wine sauce and we like to add diced tomato for a unique take on this classic dish. $11

Chicken Parmesan-  Chicken Breast lightly dusted in a seasoned bread crumb and pan seared topped with house made marinara sauce, provolone, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.  $11

Chicken Quarters and Halvess. Grilled or roasted in a variety of preparations from classic BBQ to VHP style (rosemary and garlic) to Jamaican Jerk. call us for options- $10/13


Stuffed Quail-  Very popular is the corn and black bean stuffed quail with jalapeno cream sauce Let us create a special taste to fit your liking -  $12

Roasted Turkey  (12lb av. )  $120

Fried Turkey (12lb avg)  $135


served with 2 sides,priced per person

Minimum orders apply

'Prime' Rib Roast
8-10 oz sliced rib roast with aujus and horseradish sauce. $240

Roast Beef Tenderloin.
Sliced served choice of sauce.
mkt price

Meat Loaf
Baked with herbs and spices and topped with sliced bacon served with a brown gravy.  $9.75

Grilled Sirloin
8 oz Grilled  and seasoned to perfection served with chimmi churri or choice of sauce. $13

Chicken Fried Steak

served with white gravy. $10.5 

Brined and seasoned, Slow cooked to tender perfection and served with BBQ sauce 8oz per person. $11.5

5 oz Marinated beef with peppers and onions tomato and mushrooms.  Available in a variety of flavors from classic to curry. $13


ordered by the pan,

feeds 10-12

served with bread

VHP Lasagna-  Our most popular item,   3 layers of our house made meat sauce, with three cheeses and bechamel sauce. $90

Tortellini Bolognesse- Traditional  Italian Meat sauce with stuffed pasta  $ 75

Penne Bolognesse-  $65

Penne amatricianna with shrimp- A slightly spicy bacon and tomato sauce with bites of succulent shrimp swimming in penne noodles. $75

Tortellini Carciofi-with chicken in a sundried tomato artichoke and mushroom cream sauce. $70

Pasta Nel Gulfo

 A popular item at the restaurant includes shrimp and scallops in a tomoto-basil cream sauce with linguini. $100

Pastalaya- chicken and sausage in a creole pepper cream sauce with bowtie pasta. $65

Spaghetti and meatballs- $75

Other pastas are available please call us and let us tell you our other seasonal options.

Wild Side/ Vegetarian

served with 2 sides, priced per person, Minimum orders apply
Call for pricing and availability

Racks, chops, leg of, kebobs and whole roasted.   ask for preparations and pricing

Specialty Game meats
Buffalo, axis deer, Elk, ostrich and heritage bred pork. not in stock but special ordering and pricing availalble

Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Gluten Free-

Let us cater to your diet.  Call and let us propose some delisciuos meatless, or Gluten free options  you and your guests will enjoy


Market fluctuations may effect the prices given below.

Stuffed Shrimp (4 to the order)-  with roasted pepper sauce

- corn and black bean stuffing- 12

-crab stuffing-  18

 New Orleans Style BBQ shrimp- Head on and delicious this is a messy but tasty treat with 5 colossal shrimp per person -18

Shrimp Mignon-  five shrimp rolled up and wrapped with prosciutto to form a mignon. then baked to perfection and served with the roasted pepper sauce or a zesty aioli. 18

Crab cakes-   Not much else to say but loads of crab and little bit of filler served with aioli. 17

Fish Fry- mkt price

Roasted Garlic Fish- Seared choice of available fish topped with roasted garlic and breadcrumbs and drizzled with olive oil finished in the oven  for simple perfection.- market price

Other Fish Seafood Entree options-  Please call the kitchen and discuss the options we can provide.  361-704-6187

Sides -

serves 10-12
prices reflect ala carte


Mash or garlic mash                                                   $20
Roasted red potatoes-                                               $20
Twice baked potato                                                     $20
Twice baked red potato-                                           $25
Au gratin                                                                         $35
Spice roasted sweet potato rounds                     $20
Potato salad                                                                   $15

Cilantro lime rice                                                        $20
Risotto-parmesan and herb                                   $35
Cajun Dirty rice                                                           $25
Rice Pilaf                                                                       $25
Spanish rice                                                                  $20